Come2MexicanCaribbean / VenAlCaribeMexicanoX2 is an allies campaign between various service providers in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo that offers different promotions to incentivize traveling and reactivate tourism.

The 2x1 offer can be a promotion of any of the participants and does not apply to any particular service. It is necessary to check the specific deal of the service you want to book.

Hotels, tours, parks, car rental companies, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, ship companies, hospitals, ambulance services, and others that will be joining the campaign soon.

The available offers and deals are published every day on the following websites:

We recommend you to follow us on our social media profiles, where we published the best available offers.

The website is only for information about the offers, deals, destinations, and tourist companies participating. The purchase takes place through the participants’ websites or the contact ways indicated in the promotion.

No. Although the campaign has general Terms and Conditions, we recommend you to check each provider to review them.

It depends on the participant. Some have a promotional code which is included in the offer’s details, and you must enter it on their website at the moment of booking. Others have a specific landing page with the discount or promotion already applied to be reserved. With other providers, you can get the deal via their Contact Center. We recommend you contact the participant in case the offer is not available when clicking on it on our website.

No, social media networks are only a communication channel between our community and tourist companies such as hotels, travel agencies, car rentals, tour operators, parks and attractions, etc.

You can click the published offer on our website. Each participant has a way to contact them to get an offer, including a website, a landing page, a phone number, or an email.

Some companies have special deals only available through email or phone, being necessary to leave your information for the hotels directly contact you.

Currently, our promotions only include offers in hotels, tours, car rental, etc. We recommend you to follow us on our social media profiles since new participants are continually joining.

The offers and deals are for both residents and visitors from other cities and countries.

The hotels’ description indicates if the extra nights are valid during the same stay or afterward.

Some participants can change or update their offers at any moment. We recommend you to book as soon as you watch the offer. If you think it is a mistake, you can directly contact the provider to check if the deal is still valid.

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This platform is only to show the offers of each affiliate business, so the content and the reservation method is the responsibility of each one of them.


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